Playing the right songs

All too often this gets taken for granted that wedding band's will play the right material, however we have attended plenty of weddings and it still confuses us how many band's completely disregard the audience and play only what they want to hear. We pride ourselves on being able to choose the right music for your wedding based on the age group of your guests. At our wedding's you are likely to hear 60's classics as well as current chart hits ensuring all your guests, young and old, are equally catered for.

Playing Live

Many band's state that they are "LIVE", however when watching their promotional video's watch out for the instruments being played, or not as the case may be. These band's stipulate that they are completely "LIVE" but play with backing tracks: therefore they are charging a "LIVE" band fee, when they may not even have a drummer! Michigan are a totally "LIVE" band, no gimmicks, no backing tracks, just good old fashioned rock and roll!

Using the right equipment


All wedding band's in Scotland will tell you that they use up to date equipment, however in reality only a fraction of them actually do. Michigan have invested well over £20,000 in their state of the art PA system and Stage Lighting to make sure you get the live band quality, energy and stage show.

Keeping the volume at a sensible level

We have heard some seriously gifted and talented wedding band's completely ruin a wedding reception by playing at an unreasonably high volume level. The thing with volume is you need enough of it to generate an energy and get people dancing, but not too much where it is uncomfortable for the people in the room. It can be a really fine balance but with numerous wedding's behind us, we reckon we have got it cracked!

Dress and behaviour

We are always immaculately turned out. We take the non performance side of things very seriously. Smart is our dress code at weddings. We are accomodating, approachable and most importantly FUN people who work really hard to make sure that your night goes smoothly. Feel free to talk to to us about anything, and we will always try to accomodate any last minute changes to the schedule.